A little Love from just some of our great customers

I'm loving these!!! I'm burning the Bird of Paradise this morning which is super yum and I'm excited about smelling some of the new delicious scents soon!! 🙂Heather Foster Rogers
I love, love, love the Sex on the Beach candle scent! Even when not lit during the day it smells heavenly. Can't wait to get the rest of my order!Teri Stevens
I am LOVING my new candles...they burn evenly, smell wonderful and provide gentle scent, even when not lit!Sue Markwood
You recently wrote about the test you recently conducted on burning non-Napa Scents candles in your home, and no guest ever commented on the smell, but when you burned Napa Scents candles, everyone loved the way your home smelled! I conducted my own test today. I have been burning one of my non-Napa Scents candles all day long and I can't event smell it!! I am here to say that no candle is like a Napa Scents candle, and I'm in love with your products!! Thanks for being a GREAT company with GREAT products!!!Lisa Jaynes
I have a new ritual now...after work I go out to my deck and decompress with a glass of wine and light my Caribbean Teakwood candle. The scent invokes the calm and beauty of an island paradise. Napa Scents, take me away! 🙂Arvis Morey Northrop
Love your products and your presentation!Christina Blakeney

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