About Napa Scents

Napa Scents™ was born out of a lifelong love of candles. After years of driving hours to get my favorite candles, I decided to make my own. Wanting only the best for myself and my family, research led me to environmentally friendly, non-toxic soy wax. After finding scents that blew me away, I started pouring. Friends and family responded in a big way!  One of my friends took them to her place of business … they sold out in minutes. The rest is history.

I use only the finest quality ingredients, with each product made individually by hand to ensure each and every candle is amazing. My scents range from mouthwatering Strawberry Shortcake, to you could swear you just got flowers delivered Red Red Rose to only one for me, thanks, I’m driving; Chardonnay.

Soy is a primary ingredient in many natural skin care products; since Napa Scents’ candles are 100% soy, some people (myself included) rub the melted wax right unto the skin.  You’ll be amazed how soft your skin feels!

Pure is good.

Fill your space with fragrance while keeping the toxins out.

Napa Scents™ is proud to be environmentally friendly, from our renewable soy candles and soy based dyes to reduced shipping cartons and materials. All in an effort to reduce the impact to the environment.

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